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Scooters For Adults

From the daily commute to weekend adventures, adult scooters continue to soar in popularity. Lightweight and easy to store, we've selected a range of versatile models to suit your style and budget. Enjoy finding your perfect scooter from brands including WeSkate, Simlive and Phaewo.

Under £100

WeSkate Adult Scooter

weskate adult scooter

Scoot with ease on the WeSkate Adult Scooter which folds in just 3 seconds. Ideal for the daily commute, it has an adjustable handlebar with soft rubber grips for added comfort. The shock-absorbing system ensures a smooth ride from A to B.

Hudora Big Wheel

Adult Scooter

micro adult scooter, hudora adult scooter, micro scooters

Featuring a high quality aluminium deck, the Hudora Big Wheel Style 230 Scooter comes in a range of colours. A great option for the daily commute, it has a folding handlebar with an adjustable height.


Simlive Adult Kick Scooter

Hi-speed oversized wheels make scooting a comfortable experience on the Simlive Adult Kick Scooter. Weighing just 13.5lbs, it has a 100% aluminium body and handy shoulder straps.

Over £100

micro scooter

Micro Scooter White, adult micro scooters, adult scooters

Available in both white and black designs, the WeSkate Adult Scooter requires less scooting effort thanks to the larger wheels. Simple to fold and carry, it also benefits from a front mud guard to prevent clothing from getting dirty.


magicelec scooter

With a maximum speed of 30kph with a load weight of 120kg, the Magicelec Electric Scooter features 3 speed levels to suit your needs. Features include front and rear brake shock absorbers, folding buttons and horn.


phaewo electric scooter

Featuring super user reviews, the Phaewo Electric Scooter can reach a maximum speed of up to 20kph. It has a front and rear brake system with LED highlights for added safety at night.

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