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Dog Cooling Accessories

Ensure your four-legged friend stays nice and cool in the warmer weather with the help of these dog cooling accessories. From mats to coats, we've got a variety of ideas to suit all breeds.

Dog Cooling Mat

dog cooling mat

Available in a choice of sizes, this dog cooling mat can be used on the back seat of the car, in crates, kennels, floors and more. The pressure-activated cooling gel means there's no need to freeze or chill in advance.

Chill Out Ice Bandana

chill out dog bandana

Not only will your dog feel cool with this Chill Out bandana - but it will look cool too! Ideal for summer walks and days on the beach, choose from a range of sizes.

Arctic Freeze Dog Toy

dog water bottle with removable bowl

For long lasting refreshment and cooling sensations, this arctic freeze dog toy is designed to be frozen. Great for helping to keep your dogs teeth clean too.

Dog Cooling Coat

dog cooling coat

Activated by water, this dog cooling coat ensures your pooch stays nice and fresh in the hot weather. Soft to touch, a variety of sizes are available to suit your needs.

Dog Cooling Collar

dog cooling collar

Simple to attach, this dog cooling collar comes in small, medium and large sizes and features a built-in gel pad. Adjust to your desired length with the velcro pad.

Dog Water Bottle

With Removable Bowl

dog water bottle with removable bowl

Ensure your dog remains hydrated on the move with this versatile dog water bottle with removable silicone bowl.

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